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Detroit Process Machinery buying and selling mixers, blenders, compacting presses, spray dryers, crushers, pulverizers, Ross Mixers, Dorst Presses, Stokes Presses Powder Equipment

Welcome to Detroit Process Machinery!

Detroit Process Machinery is your top resource for used process machinery and process equipment for the following industries: Powdered Metals, Ceramics, Ferrites, Carbides, Hard Metals, Magnetics, Carbons, Refractories, Plastics, Teflons, Nanomaterials, Aerospace, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Adhesives, Sealants, Paints, Coatings and other chemicals.

Detroit Process Machinery buys, sells, trades and liquidates Powder Compacting Presses, Powder Presses, Preform Presses, Compaction Presses, Tablet Presses, Powder Molding Presses, Rotary Presses, Piston Extruders, Extrusion Presses, Isostatic Presses, Hydrostatic Presses, Blenders, Mixers, Attritors, Media Mills, Paint Mills, Spray Dryers, Pulverizers, Crushers, Granulators, Pebble Mills, Ball Mills, Screeners, High Temperature Furnaces and a wide variety of related process equipment.

We invite you to contact us by phone or email so we may work with you on your used equipment needs or to provide assistance with your surplus equipment salvage program. Detroit Process Machinery, Inc. is just a call or click away. Contact Tom Suhy of Detroit Process Machinery at (248) 858-8380 or by email at Click on the email address in the upper header to email us! DPM welcomes your contact. We want to do business! "There is a difference in used machinery....DPM wants to work with you!"

If you have equipment to sell, please check out the “Equipment We Buy” section. We want to buy your surplus machinery. Contact us with your surplus machinery and equipment. Detroit Process Machinery buys one piece, a product line or a complete plant. Let us work with you to manage your surplus salvage program. We assess your surplus and make cash offers to run-around.

For equipment buyers, please review our “Inventory” section, on the right side of this page, or our “Equipment Quick Index” above to help in your search. Our inventory is constantly changing, please contact us with the type of equipment you need. If you don’t see what you need let us know…. it may be on its way into inventory. Put Detroit Process Machinery’s experience to work for you and we can supply and help locate the machinery and equipment you need! Call Detroit Process Machinery today at (248) 858-8380 or email us at


Detroit Process Machinery, Inc. is a respected specialist in:

Used Process Machinery Mixers, Blenders, Pulverizers, Spray Dryers, Mills etc.

Used Powder Metal Machinery and Equipment Compacting Presses, Blenders, Mixers

Used Ceramic Machinery and Equipment Compacting Presses, Isostatic Presses etc.

Used Chemical Machinery and Equipment Tablet Presses, Mixers, Blenders, Mills

Used Powder Machinery and Equipment Mixing and Blending Equipment, Pulverizers

Used Ferrite Machinery and Equipment Powder Presses, Isostatic Presses, Mixers

Used Pharmaceutical Machinery and Equipment Tablet Presses, Blenders, Mixers

Used Powder Compacting Presses, Tablet Presses, Powder Metal Presses

Used Powder Mixers and Powder Blenders, Used Spray Dryers.

Contact Tom Suhy at Detroit Process Machinery (248) 858-8380 or

Specializing In:
Used Ceramic Equipment, Used Ferrite Equipment, Used Powdered Metal Equipment, Used Carbon Equipment, Used Carbide Equipment, Used Nanomaterials Equipment, Used Chemical Process Equipment, Used PTFE Equipment, Used Pharmaceutical Equipment, Used Paint Equipment, Used Adhesives Equipment, Used Coatings Equipment, Used Refractory Equipment, Used Powder Processing Equipment