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"Most Wanted" Equipment

Detroit Process Machinery wants to buy your surplus process machinery powder machinery and equipment. Contact us with your surplus process machinery and process equipment. Detroit Process Machinery buys one piece, a product line or a complete plant. Whether your plant is next door or half-a-world away, call on us. Let us work with you to manage your surplus salvage program. DPM buys used process machinery. We buy surplus process machinery! Following is a list of equipment Detroit Process Machinery is always looking to buy! "There is a difference in used machinery....DPM wants to work with you!"


Wanted Immediately

  • Dorst Powder Compacting Presses, Dorst Powdered Metals Presses, TPA-45, TPA-50/2, TPA-100, TPA-140,
  • Eirich Intensive Mixers, Model R02, RV02 R-7, R08, R-11, R-15, R-18, DE-14, DE-18
  • Ross Mixers, HDM, PD, CDA, PVM, VMC, Double Planetary, Dispersion Type
  • Cold Isostatic Presses, Wet Bag Isostatic Presses, Hydrostatic Presses, All Sizes, Autoclave Engineers, Avure, Snap Tite, Loomis, National Forge, American Isostatic Press, Asea, EPSI
  • Hot Isostatic Presses, HIP Presses, Sinter HIP Presses
  • Baldwin Preform Presses, Baldwin Defiance Presses, Defiance Presses, Baldwin Defiance Molding Presses, Defiance Molding Presses, Baldwin Lima Hamilton Presses, Baldwin Defiance Model 20 Presses, Baldwin Defiance Model 45 Presses, Baldwin Defiance Model 200 Presses, BLH Presses
  • JH Day, AMK, Baker Perkins Sigma Blade Mixers, All Sizes
  • Piston Extruders, Extrusion Presses from Loomis, Wahlco, Hydramet
  • Union Process Attritors, 1-S, 10-S, 15-S, 30-S, 100-S, Q-2, Q-25, Q-50, Q-100, Svegvari Attritors
  • Henschel Mixers, FM-2, FM-10, FM-200, FM-500, All Sizes

Equipment we always buy

Powder Compacting Presses/Powder Presses/Tablet Presses:

  • Dorst Compacting, Powder Metal, PM, Powder Compacting
  • Pentronix Compacting, Powder Metal, PM, Powder Compacting
  • Baldwin Defiance Compacting, Powder Metal, PM, Powder Compacting
  • Gasbarre Compacting, Powder Metal, PM, Powder Compacting
  • Stokes Compacting, Powder Metal, PM, Powder Compacting
  • Hydramet Compacting, Powder Metal, PM, Powder Compacting
  • Bussman-Simetag Compacting, Powder Metal, PM, Powder Compacting
  • Cincinnati Compacting, Powder Metal, PM, Powder Compacting
  • Alpha Compacting, Powder Metal, PM, Powder Compacting
  • Kux Compacting, Powder Metal, PM, Powder Compacting
  • Mannesmann-Meer Compacting, Powder Metal, PM, Powder Compacting
  • Yoshizuka Compacting, Powder Metal, PM, Powder Compacting
  • Osterwalder Compacting, Powder Metal, PM, Powder Compacting

Hot And Cold Isostatic Presses (Wet Bag And Dry Bag):

  • IPS Isostatic Presses, Iso Presses
  • Loomis Isostatic Presses, Iso Presses
  • AIP Isostatic Presses, Iso Presses
  • National Forge Isostatic Presses, Iso Presses
  • Asea Isostatic Presses, Iso Presses
  • Conaway Isostatic Presses, Iso Presses
  • Hydrostatic Presses
  • HIP Presses
  • Cold Isostatic Presses
  • Wet Bag Isostatic Presses

Piston Extruders:

  • Loomis Piston Extruders, Loomis Extrusion Presses
  • Hydramet Piston Extruders, Hydramet Extrusion Presses
  • Single Tilt Piston Extruders
  • Double Tilt Piston Extruders
  • Hydraulic Piston Extruders, Extrusion Presses

Spray Dryers / Fluidized Bed Dryers:

  • AnhyDro Spray Dryers
  • Bowen Spray Dryers , BLSA, #1 Tower, #2 Tower
  • Niro Spray Dryers , Mobile Minor, Utlity, P 6.3
  • Aeromatic Spray Dryers
  • Yamato Spray Dryers
  • Pentronix Spray Dryers, Model 370, Multi-Sprayer
  • APV Spray Dryers

Twin Shell (Vee Type) / Turbula / Double Cone Blenders:

  • Patterson-Kelley Twin Shell, Vee, Double Cone Blenders
  • Patterson-Kelley Crossflow Blenders
  • Patterson-Kelley Intensifier Bar Blenders
  • Patterson-Kelley Blendmaster Blenders
  • Paul 0. Abbe Twin Shell, Vee, Double Cone Blenders
  • Glen Mills Turbula Shaker Mixers
  • Gemco Twin Shell, Double Cone, Slant Cone Blenders
  • Patterson Twin Shell, Vee, Double Cone Blenders

Double Arm Mixers (Sigma Blade) / Mixer-Extruders:

  • Baker Perkins (APV)Sigma Mixers, Double Arm Mixers, Mixer Extruders , Mixtruders
  • Day Sigma Mixers, Double Arm Mixers , Mixtruders, Mixer Extruders
  • Paul 0. Abbe Sigma Mixers, Double Arm Mixers
  • Teledyne-Readco, Sigma Mixers, Double Arm Mixers
  • Jaygo Double Arm Mixers, Sigma Mixers, Mixtruders, Mixer Extruders

Ribbon And Paddle Blenders:

  • Day Ribbon Mixers, Paddle Mixers
  • American Process
  • Paul 0. Abbe Ribbon Mixers, Paddle Mixers
  • Marion Ribbon Mixers, Paddle Mixers
  • Sprout-Waldron Ribbon Mixers, Paddle Mixers
  • Jaygo Ribbon Mixers, Paddle Mixers
  • Ross Ribbon Blenders

High Viscosity Liquids / Solids Mixers:

  • Ross (Double Planetary, PowerMix, VersaMix, Emulsifier) HDM, PD, PVM, VMC, CDA
  • Myers (Disperser, Dual Shaft, Tri Shaft, Emulsifier)
  • Bowers (Disperser, Orbital Systems Processor, Dual Shaft)
  • Jaygo (Disperser, Double Planetary, Dual Shaft)
  • Leco (Double Planetary)
  • Hobart (Planetary)

High Intensity Mixers:

  • Eirich High Intensity Mixers, R02, R-7, R08, R-11, R-15, R-18 and DE 14, DE-18
  • Henschel High Intensity Mixers, FM Series, KM Series
  • MTI Mixing Technologies High Intensity Mixers
  • Processal High Intensity Mixers
  • Lancaster Intensive Mixers, Countercurrent Mixers, PC Series, E Series, K Series
  • Littleford Plow Mixers and High Intensity Mixers , FM-50, FM-130, FM-300, FKM-1200
  • Munson Rotary Mixers


  • Morehouse Dispersers, shaft mixers, dissolvers
  • Cowles Dispersers, shaft mixers, dissolvers
  • Hockmeyer Dispersers, shaft mixers, dissolvers
  • Shar Dispersers, shaft mixers, dissolvers
  • Schold Dispersers, shaft mixers, dissolvers
  • Myers Dispersers, shaft mixers, dissolvers
  • Bowers Dispersers, shaft mixers, dissolvers
  • Jaygo Dispersers, shaft mixers, dissolvers
  • Ross Mixers, Versamix, Powermix, Double Planetary


  • Simpson (National Engineering) Muller Mixers , LF-UD, Porto, 1F, 2F
  • Lancaster (Posey Iron Works) Counter current mixers

Cone Screw Blenders:

  • Nauta Cone Screw Mixers
  • Day Nauta Cone Screw Mixers
  • Mikropul

Attrition Mills (Attritors), Media Mill, Paint Mills:

  • Union Process Attritors, Media Mills, 1-S, 15-S, 30-S, 100-S, Q-2, Q-10, Q-50
  • Szegvari Attritors
  • Netzsch Media Mills, Netzsch Molinex Mills, Netzsch Horizontal Mills
  • Dyno Mill, Horizontal Media Mill
  • Drais, Horizontal Media Mill
  • Premier, Horizontal Media Mill
  • Leco Attritors, Media Mills

Sizing Equipment:

  • Stokes (Granulators And Tornado Mills) , 43B, 43C, 43-4, 43-6, 44-0
  • Colton Vector Granulators
  • Frewitt Granulators

Jawcrushers/ Rollcrushers/Hammer Mills/Pulverizers/Puck Mills/Pin Mills/Jet Mills:

  • Fitzpatrick Chilsonators, Fitzmills, Comminutors, Roll Compactors
  • Denver Jaw Crushers, Roll Crushers, Disc Mills
  • Mikropul Hammermills, 1-SH, 2-SH, 2-DH
  • Bico-Braun Jaw Crushers, Roll Crushers, Disc Mills
  • Sturtevant Pulverizers, Roll Crushers, Jaw Crushers, Jet Mills
  • Glen Mills Hammermills, Pulverizers, Puck Mills
  • Alpine Pulverizers, Jet Mills, Air Classifier Mills
  • Trost Jet Mills , T-5, T-15, T-30
  • Morse Jaw Crushers, Roll Crushers

Ball & Pebble Mills / Jar Mills:

  • U.S. Stoneware Jar Mills, Ball Mills, Pebble Mills , Jar Rolling Mills
  • Norton Jar Mills, Ball Mills, Pebble Mills , Jar Rolling Mills
  • Hardinge Ball Mills
  • Paul O. Abbe Jar Mills, Ball Mills, Pebble Mills , Jar Rolling Mills
  • Abbe Jar Mills, Ball Mills, Pebble Mills
  • Stevenson Jar Mills, Ball Mills, Pebble Mills
  • Sweco Vibratory Grinding Mills, DM-1, DM-3, DM-10, M-18, M-45, M-60, M-80

Screening Equipment:

  • Sweco Screeners, Turbo Screen Classifiers
  • Midwestern Screeners
  • Tyler Rotaps
  • Rotex Screeners
  • Derrick Screeners
  • Russell Finex Screeners
  • Gough Screeners
  • Kason Screeners

Ovens (Electric And Gas / Walk-In, Cabinet, Laboratory):

  • Blue M
  • Despatch
  • Grieves
  • Michigan
  • Precision

Furnaces And Kilns:

  • Bickley Kilns, Carbell Kilns, Shuttle Kilns
  • Thermal Technologies Vacuum Furnaces
  • AVS Vacuum Furnaces, Sintering
  • GCA Vacuum Furnaces, Sintering
  • C.I. Hayes
  • Harper Kilns, Elevator Kilns, Batch Kilns, Pusher Kilns
  • Unique Kilns, Batch Kilns, Car Kilns, Shuttle Kilns
  • Lindberg Kilns
  • Nabertherm Kilns
  • Harrop Kilns
  • CM Kilns and Furnaces
  • Pereny Kilns and Furnaces

To sell your surplus equipment - please contact us!