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Stokes R-4 526 Press Replacement Parts

Stokes R-4 526 Press Replacement Parts

From the earliest days of mechanized compacting, tablet making and powder pressing, the Stokes R-4 has been the industry standard for producing larger compacts, tablets, and preforms. Today these machines continue to be a staple in many compacting facilities worldwide.

To service the users of the Stokes R-4 Press, Stokes 526 Press, Stokes 525 Press and Stokes R Press, Detroit Process Machinery has established a replacement parts facility that is ready to supply your Stokes Press replacement parts. We believe our quality and pricing will help your company maintain your Stokes machines and also save money on replacement parts. Contact us to save money and be treated professionally! Low overhead and fair pricing make us the best choice to supply your Stokes Replacement Parts. Don't get hassled with inexperienced order takers who do not know the Stokes Press line. DPM asks the right questions to help you identify the Stokes Replacement Parts you need. We make it easy to do business with us. DPM is there for you when you are in a bind!

Please click on the link below in order to view a breakout drawing for the Stokes R-4 526 Press. Also follow some links below to see examples of the fine machining work that we provide. The availability of parts will continue to grow, but we do manufacture the following new, replacement parts for your Stokes R-4 R4 526:

Index 4/4A Eccentric Sheave w/bushing

Index 7 Lower Plunger Nut-Upper

Index 7A Lower Plunger Nut-Middle

Index 7B Lower Plunger Nut-Bottom

Index 10 Feed Shoe (Brass w/post)

Index 12A Ejection Rocker Lever Bushing

Index 12B Ejection Rocker Lever Insert

Index 13 Shaker Arm

Index 15 Shaker Cam Roller

Index 16 Ejection Cam Roller

Index 21 Eccentric Strap Bushing

Index 25A Locking Sleeve

Index 30 Eccentric Shaft

Index 31 Lower Plunger

Index 32 Connecting Rod

Index 34 Crosshead Pin

Index 35 Cam Roller Pin

Index 36 Shaker Cam Roller Pin

Index 39 Eccentric Lock Stud

Index 40 Eccentric Shaft End Plate

Index 43 Crosshead Gib (rt)

Index 43A Crosshead Gil (lft)

Index 47A Die Clamp Ring

Index 53 Upper Punch Holder w/backing plug

Index 107 Die Table Bushing

Index 109 Pressure Cam Roller

Index 110 Pressure Cam Roller Bush.

Index 111 Pressure Cam Roller Pin


Stokes R-4 Press Parts

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