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Presses - Piston Extruders, Extrusion Presses, Powder Extrusion Presses

Presses - Piston Extruders, Extrusion Presses, Powder Extrusion Presses

Detroit Process Machinery buys and sells used Piston Extruders, Extrusion Presses and Hydraulic Ram Extruders used for powdered metals, ceramics, carbides, ferrites, carbons, hard metals, nanomaterials and other powdered materials. Detroit Process Machinery is always looking to buy Loomis Piston Extruders, Hydramet Piston Extruders, Midvale Heppenstahl Extrusion Presses, Hydramet Piston Extruders and Mohrtek Piston Extruders.

Piston extruders use a system by which product is loaded into a material cylinder, the piston is moved forward and a deairring process takes place. After deairring the material cylinder can then be tilted to the optimum pressing position in order to extrude the material under high pressure.

Piston extruders and extrusion presses are excellent for producing rods, cylinders, cones, nozzles, honeycombs, filters and a wide variety of simple or complex shapes.

Detroit Process Machinery buys used and surplus Loomis Piston Extruders, Loomis Double Tilt Piston Extruders, Hydramet American Piston Extruders, Hydramet American Hydraulic Ram Extruders, Wahlco Piston Extruders, Mohrtek Ram Extruders, and ECT Piston Extruders.

Detroit Process Machinery specializes in buying and selling the following extruder and extrusion presses:

Loomis Piston Extruders, Single Tilt Extruders and Double Tilt Extruders; Loomis Extrusion Presses; Hydramet Piston Extruders; Hydramet Extrusion Presses; Midvale Heppenstahl Piston Extruders; Wahlco Piston Extruders; ECKA Piston Extruders; ECKA Extrusion Presses