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Mixers - Intensive, High Intensity, Muller

Mixers - Intensive, High Intensity, Muller

Detroit Process Machinery deals in Intensive Mixers, High Intensity Mixers and Muller Mixers. These mixers typically utilize a high speed, heavy duty or high torque mixing tool. Mixing chambers can be horizontal such as Littleford Mixers or pan type chambers in the case of Eirich Mixers, Lancaster Mixers or Simpson Muller Mixers. Count on us to have great selection of mixers from Eirich including R Series and D Series Mixers. Our selection of Eirich Mixers is always top-notch from RV-02 lab units up to larger production units like the R-19.

Detroit Process Machinery also sells high intensity mixers or heater mixers such as those made by Henschel, Prodex, Welex, Reimelt Henschel, Littleford, Papenmeier, Processal, etc. These high intensity mixers generally have large horsepower motors that drive a bottom mounted high speed blade. The motor and blade speed generates heat so the mixing chamber is most often jacketed. These high intensity mixers are great for plastisols, colorants, carbides, ceramics etc.

Detroit Process Machinery buys surplus and used Eirich Mixers, Lancaster Mixers, Simpson Muller Mixers, National Engineering Muller Mixers, Littleford Mixers, Henschel Mixers, Reimelt Henschel Mixers, Prodex Mixers, Welex Mixers etc.

Detroit Process Machinery buys and sells the following mixers:

Simpson Muller Mixers, LF-UD, LF Porto, 1F, 2F; National Engineering Muller Mixers, LF-UD, LF, Porto, 1F, 2F; Lancaster Muller Mixers, E Series, PC Series and K Series; Lancaster Counter Current Mixers; Eirich Intensive Mixers, R02, R-7, R08, R09, R-11, RV-11, R-15, RV-15, R-18, RV-18, R-22; Eirich Pan Mixers,; Littleford Mixers, FM-50, FKM-130, FKM-300, FKM-600, FKM-1200, Plow Mixers; Drais Turbulent Mixers, Plow Mixers; Praschak Mixers; Processal Mixers; Henschel Mixers, High Intensity, FM Series, KM Series, JSS Series; Reimelt Henschel Mixers FM-10, FM-200, FM-500, FM-800; Henschel Purnell Mixers FM-2, FM-75; MTI Mixing Technology Mixers, High Intensity; Prodex Mixers, High Intensity Mixers; Welex Mixers, High Intensity Mixers; Purnell Mixers