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Mixers - Disperser Mixers, Tank Mixers

Mixers - Disperser Mixers, Tank Mixers

Detroit Process Machinery buys and sells dispersers, dispersion mixers, dissolvers and post mixers. These machines use a vertical shaft which is descended into a tank or mixing vessel. Applications include high speed and low speed dispersal of powders into liquid, dissolving of different liquid materials, and suspension of material in a liquid.

We buy and sell used machines from Cowles, Morehouse Cowles, Jaygo, Hockmeyer, Big H, Myers, Ross, Bowers, Shar, Schold, Silverson etc. Contact us if you have surplus disperser mixers for sale.

Detroit Process Machinery buys and sells the following mixers:

Cowles Disperser Mixers, Lab Cowles Mixers, High Speed Cowles Mixers; Morehouse Disperser Mixers, Lab Morehouse Mixers, High Speed Morehouse Mixers; Myers Disperser Mixers, Myers Lab Mixers, Myers Vacuum Mixers; Shar Disperser Mixers, Shar Lab Mixers, Shar High Speed Dispersers; Schold Disperser Mixers, Schold High Speed Disperser; Ross Disperser Mixers, Ross Powermix Mixers, Ross Versamix Mixers; Jaygo Disperser Mixers; Bowers Disperser Mixers; Braun Disperser Mixers; Lightnin Tank Mixers, Lightnin Clamp on Tank Mixers; Post Mixers; Paint Mixers, Ink Mixers, Paste Mixers; Dissolvers, Dispersers, Homogenizers