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Kilns, Furnaces, Ovens

Kilns, Furnaces, Ovens

Whether your process involves sintering, baking, firing, annealing or heat treating, Detroit Process Machinery might have a Kiln, Furnace or Oven to meet your needs. We specialize in high temperature horizontal vacuum furnaces from Centorr, Vacuum Industries, GCA, Abar, Ipsen, AVS, etc. Detroit Process Machinery also handles Harper Elevator Kilns, Harrop Shuttle and Batch Kilns.

Detroit Process Machinery can supply the following sintering, firing and heat treat equipment:

Vacuum Industries Vacuum Furnaces, Sintering; AVS Vacuum Furnaces, Sintering; GCA Vacuum Furnaces, Sintering; Centorr Vacumm Furnaces; T-M Vacuum Ovens; National Appliance Vacuum Ovens; Thermal Technologies Vacuum Furnaces, Sintering; Abar Vacuum Furnaces, Sintering, Heat Treating, Annealing; Abbott Furnaces; Sinterite Furnaces; Harper Kilns, Harper Batch Kilns, Harper Elevator Kilns, Harper Shuttle Kilns; Harrop Kilns, Harrop Batch Kilns,; Bickley Kilns, Bickley Carbell Kilns, Bickley Shuttle Car Kilns; Eisenmann Roller Hearth Kilns; Nabertherm Kilns; Blue M Ovens, Lab and Batch; Grieves Ovens, Batch, Cart and Walk-In; Despatch Ovens, Batch, Cart and Walk-In; Precision Ovens, Batch, Cart and Walk-In; Wisconsin Ovens, Walk In; Hotpack Ovens