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Crushers, Pulverizers, Granulators, Size Reduction

Crushers, Pulverizers, Granulators, Size Reduction

Detroit Process Machinery buys and sells Crushing, Pulverizing, Granulating and Size Reduction Mills used in the processing industry. We sell machinery used to process raw materials into granular or fine powder.

We can provide machines for raw material crushing such as: jaw crushers, roll crushers, cone crushers, disc pulverizers and hammermills.

For pulverizing, granulating and other size reduction applications we can provide used comminutors, roll compactors, chilsonators, oscillating granulators, rotary granulators, hommoloid mills, jet mills, air classifier mills, etc.

We deal in size reductions machines from Fitzpatrick, Fitzmill, Denver, Bico, Stokes, Frewitt, Sturtevant, Morse, Micropul, Kemutec, Trost, Jacobsen, Prater, Alpine, etc.


CMT Vibrating Sample Mill Model T-100 Vibratory Shaker Sample Mill (DPM-966)

R & D Carbon Switzerland Shaker Sample Mill Apparatus (DPM-1708)

Spex Mill Model 8000 Shaker Mill (DPM-1831)

Spex Mill Model 8000 Shaker Mill (DPM-1832)

Spex Mill Model 8000 Shaker Mill (DPM-1833)

Spex Mill Model 8000 Shaker Mill (DPM-1834)

Siebtechnik Mill Dual Chamber Vibratory Shaker Mill (DPM-1710)

Spex Industries Mill Model 8510 Shatterbox Ring and Puck Mill (DPM-1620)

Siebtechnik Model TS-100A Disc Mill Puck Mill Shatterbox (DPM-1621)

Angstrom Model TE-250 Ring Mill Puck Mill (DPM-1711)

Angstrom Siebtechnik Bico Spex Puck Mill Shatterbox Containers (DPM-1679)

Angstrom Model TE-250 Puck and Ring Mill Shatterbox (DPM-1863)

Spex Siebtechnik Bico Angstrom Shatterbox Puck Mill Container Ring Puck (DPM-1680)

Angstrom Siebtechnic Bico Spex Puck Mill Container and Puck (DPM-1683)

Angstrom Spex Siebtechnik Bico Puck Mill Container with Puck (DPM-1682)

Spex Mill Angstrom Siebtechnik Puck Mill Container Rack 8507 with 3 Containers (DPM-1681)

Quaker Mill Model 4E Grinder (DPM-1489)

Trost Jet Mill Model Gem-T Lab Jet Mill Pulverizer (DPM-1486)

CE Raymond Mill Raymond Mill (DPM-1787)

Alpine Powder Classifier Model 100 MZR Powder Classfier (DPM-1826)

Bico Pulverizer Disc Pulverizer (DPM-1761)

Bico Crusher Laboratory Jaw Crusher (DPM-1762)

Abbe Engineering Jaw Crusher Lab Jaw Crusher (DPM-1571)

Denver Crusher Model 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 Jaw Crusher (DPM-1647)

Marcy Lab Jaw Crusher (DPM-1705)

Denver Crusher Model 3.25 x 4.5 Jaw Crusher (DPM-1466)

CPM Roskamp Crusher 6" x 6" Two Roll Crusher (DPM-1704)

Sturtevant Crusher 2 Roll Crusher 8" x 5" (DPM-1648)

Sturtevant Crusher 8" x 5" Two Roll Crusher (DPM-1646)

Koppers Sprout Waldron Crusher Roller Mill Crusher Two Pair High (DPM-1637)

Gundlach Crusher Two Roll Crusher 13" dia. x 16" face (DPM-1381)

Micropul Bantam Pulverizer Bantam Pulverizer (DPM-1383)

Micropul Pulverizer Model 1-SH Micropulverizer (DPM-1649)

Wiley Mill Arthur Thomas Pulverizer Lab Pulverizer Mill (DPM-1789)

Wiley Mill Model 2 Arthur Thomas Wiley Mill Pulverizer (DPM-1794)

Jacobson Hammermill Hammermill Crusher, Model 120 B (DPM-569)

Fitzpatrick Fitzmill Chilsonator Model L-80 Chilsonator Roll Compactor (DPM-1558)

Fitzpatrick Chilsonator Model L-80 Chilsonator Roll Compactor (DPM-1601)

Frewitt Granulator Oscillating Powder Granulator (DPM-1233)

Stokes Model 900-43-6 Oscillating Granulator (DPM-1636)

Stokes Granulator Model 43-4 43 Series Oscillating Granulator (DPM-475)

Stokes Granulator Mill Stokes 43 Oscillating Granulator (DPM-466)

Stokes Granulator Model 43 Oscillating Granulator (DPM-1570)

Stokes Model 43 Oscillating Granulator (DPM-1660)

Carpco Magnetic Separator (DPM-1553)

Carpco Magnetic Separator Magnetic Separator (DPM-1554)

Feeco 18" Pan Pelletizer (DPM-1472)

Hobart Shredder (DPM-1804)

Detroit Process Machinery buys and sells the following types of crushers, sizing and agglomerating mills:

Fitzpatrick Homolloid Mills, J and JT; Fitzpatrick Comminutor Mills, D6, DSAO6; Fitzpatrick Chilsonators, 2 x 8, 4 x 7, 7 x 10, Roll Compactor Type; Komarek Briquetters Briquette Machines; Komarek Roll Compactors Briquetting Machines; Bepex Briquetters Roll Compactor Briquetting Machines; Feeco Briquetters; Stokes Granulators, Model 43, 43-B, 43-C, 43-4, 43-6, Oscillating Type; Stokes Tornado Mills, Model 44 Series; Colton Granulators, Oscillating type and Rotary type; Denver, Bico, Morse and Sturtevant Jaw Crushers; Denver, Bico, Morse and Sturtevant Roll Crushers; Bico Braun Disc Pulverizers; Sturtevant Jet Mills and Trost Jet Mills; Hosokawa Micron Jet Mills, Hosokowa Micron Particle Classifiers; Alpine, Prater and Sturtevant Hammer Mills; Alexanderwerk and Komarek Greaves Briquetters; Erweka AR-400 and AR-402 Milling Apparatus; Spex Puck Mills; Angstrom Puck Mills; Air Impact Mills; Kemutec Cone Mills, Co-mills; Trost Jet Mills Model T-5, T-15,; Vector Freund Roll Compactors, Mini, TF Series, all sizes; Holmes Crushers and Pulverizers; Komarek Greaves Roll Compactors Briquetters; Bepex Briquetting Machines Roll Compactors; Feeco Briquetters; Brinkmann Mills, all types and sizes; Retsch Mills, all types and sizes; Angstrom Puck Mills