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Blenders - Turbula Mixers Blenders, Drum Tumblers, Drum Rollers

Blenders - Turbula Mixers Blenders, Drum Tumblers, Drum Rollers

For container blending, Detroit Process Machinery deals in many options. For precise, repeatable and gentle blending of pharmaceutical, carbide, ceramics, explosives, and precious metals, nothing compares to the Turbula Shaker Blender Mixer. These unique machines are world renowned and use a special blending motion that incorporates rotation, inversion and translation to create precise efficient blends using your choice of container. Turbula Models include the laboratory Turbula T2, T-2, Turbula T-10B, Turbula T-25, Turbula T-50, Turbula T-100 and Turbula T-200. We are specialists in turbula mixer blender shakers. Detroit Process Machinery has the largest in-stock inventory of Turbulas anywhere with currently over 15 units in our Detroit facility! We are North America's go-to company for used Turbula Blenders.

We also sell drum roller and drum tumblers. Drum rollers rotate contents in a drum while kept in a horizontal position. Drum Tumblers can accomodate one or two drums and tumble the drum end over end for mixing, blending and de-agglomerating.

Detroit Process Machinery buys and sells the following Turbula, Drum Rollers and Drum Tumbling Machinery:

WAB Turbula Blender Mixer Shaker; Turbula Blender Mixer Shaker; Glen Mills Turbula Blender Mixer Shaker; Schatz Turbula Blender Mixer Shaker; Willy A. Bachofen Turbula Mixer, Blender, Shaker; Lab Turbula Mixer Blender; T-2, T2, T2C, T-2F, T2F Turbula Blender Mixer; T-10, T10, T-10B Turbula Blender Mixer; T-50, T50 Turbula Blender Mixer; T-100, T100 Turbula Blender Mixer; U.S. Stoneware Drum Tumblers and Drum Rollers; IMS Drum Tumblers and Drum Rollers; Morse Drum Tumblers and Drum Rollers; End Over End Drum Tumblers; Tote Blender Systems