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Blenders - Paddle Blenders, Ribbon Blenders

Blenders - Paddle Blenders, Ribbon Blenders

Detroit Process Machinery buys and sells used Ribbon Blenders and Paddle Blenders. These machines employ a stationary trough fitted with a horizontal shaft on which spiral blades and paddle arms are connected. The horizontal shaft rotates inside the trough to provide the mixing action.

Ribbon Blenders and Paddle Blenders are effectively used for low density solids, light pastes and creams, and lighter fluffy materials.

Detroit Process Machinery buys and sells Paddle Blenders and Ribbon Blenders such as:

J.H. Day Ribbon and Paddle Blenders; Ross Ribbon Blenders; Marion Ribbon and Paddle Blenders; Paul O. Abbe Ribbon and Paddle Blenders; Sprout Waldron Ribbon and Paddle Blenders; Young Ribbon and Paddle Blenders; Forberg Paddle Blenders; Littleford Plow Blenders