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Attritors, Media Mills, Paint Mills, Two and Three Roll Mills

Attritors, Media Mills, Paint Mills, Two and Three Roll Mills

Detroit Process Machinery buys and sells used machinery for fine grinding and dispersion work including attritors, media mills and paint mills. DPM has the largest in-stock supply of used Union Process Attritors!

Attritors use a vertical shaft to stir a media filled grinding tank. The shaft with stirrer arms moves the media against the material to grind, disperse, mill and mix the material. Attritors can be batch, circulation, and continuous in design. We sell attritors from Union Process, Szegvari, Netzsch, and Leco.

Media Mills encompass machines that may have a horizontal or vertical grinding chamber. These chambers contain a shaft with arms or discs that move a grinding media against the product for grinding and dispersion work. Media mills typically use a smaller grinding media and thus provide a finer grind than attritors. Detroit Process Machinery deals in media mills from: Drais, Premier, Schold, Morehouse Cowles, Netzsch, Chicago Boiler, Dyno-Mill and Ross.

Paint Mills are generally known as 3 Roll Mills. These mills use three horizontal rollers that rotate at different speeds. The material to be processed is carried over these precision rollers to provide dispersions for inks, paints, coatings, enamels, ointments, pastes etc. Detroit Process Machinery buys and sells 3 Roll Mills from J.H. Day, Kent, Ross, Jaygo, Netzsch Exact etc.

Detroit Process Machinery buys used and surplus Union Process attritors, Union Process Attrition Mills Model 1-S, 10-S, 15-S, 30-S and 100-S, Szegvari Attritors, Netzsch Attritors, Netzsch media mills, Drais Media Mills, Premier Media Mills, Horizontal Mills, shot mills, bead mills, etc.

Count on Detroit Process Machinery when you need to buy or sell the following:

Union Process Attritors, 01, 01-HD, 1-S, 1-ST, 10-S, 15-S, 30-S, 100-S, Q-1 Q-2, Q-50, Q-100, HSA-10, HSA-100, Dry and Wet Grind; Szegvari Attritors, 01, 1-S, 10-S, 15-S, 30-S, 100-S, Q-1; Netzsch Attritors and Netzsch Media Mills; Drais Vertical Media Mills and Drais Horizontal Media Mills; Premier Vertical Media Mills and Premier Horizontal Media Mills; Ross 3 Roll Mills and Ross Media Mills; Kent 3 Roll Mills; J.H. Day 3 Roll Mills; Farrel 2 Roll Mills Two Roll Mills Rubber Mills; Dyno Mill Horizontal Media Mills; Lab Attritors, Circulation Attritors, High Speed Attritors; Wet Grind Attritors, Dry Grind Attritors, Batch Attritors